About Us

BluBag™ Australia is a company specialising in the supply of innovative water solutions for retail, government and private industry. BluBag™ Australia is based in Perth, Western Australia.

The company is founded on extensive experience in the resource industry in Western Australia and specifically in delivering large-scale projects in remote locations, with a strong understanding of the environmental and logistical challenges that arise when supplying fresh water to these areas.

We have a strong focus on health and safety and our products provide benefits to health and safety initiatives and practices. Our BluBags™ come in a multitude of sizes suitable for different applications. Our products provide the ability to carry larger quantities of fresh drinking water safely and easily in compared to any other product available on the market.

BluBag™ Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor in Australia and New Zealand for EZPack Water. BluBags™ are manufactured in Israel under stringent quality control measures. From the selection of materials, through proprietary design, our BluBags™ are designed for rugged and harsh conditions. They are fully compliant with all applicable Australian standards for food storage and also meet all relevant FDA and EU directives.